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Message from the Owner

Hello, My name is Jerry Czebiniak and welcome to our web site. I have owned and operated All American Fence in Rochester NY since its conception in 1986. I've been in the fence business all my life; it’s all I have ever done. I started out long ago working for much larger fence companies in upstate New York and came to realize that they all lack one very important trait. The owners of these companies have lost touch with their customer’s needs and wants. In fact many of them don't even know who their customers are. Their customers have become contract numbers on a production board. I vowed I would never let that happen in my business and have kept my promise for over 34 years.

My commitment to quality service and products far surpass every standard that's out there today. I still believe in old school values. My dad taught me to do an honest day’s work for a honest day’s pay. Not to cheat the customer but to give them every cent worth of what they are paying for.

I keep on top of the most current trends and products being used in the fence industry today. I attend national fence shows and trade seminars to keep on top of what's" New" and Hot in the fence business. I am a member of the local Better Contractors Bureau.

From the time I give you your estimate till the last screw is turned or the last nailed hammered in I will personally be involved in every aspect of your project. You won't have to deal with a high pressure commissioned salesman trying to sell you something you really don't want. Then an overstressed and overburdened scheduling department trying to fit your job into an unrealistic schedule that the salesman had promised you. Finally, you won't have to put up with fence installers that, well for lack of better words, really have no business being at your house to begin with. Like you, I'm a homeowner too, and many of us have experienced the "Contractor from Hell," that sinking feeling of horror when you realized you picked the wrong guy and this project is about to become a living nightmare. Let me assure you, that will never happen with us.

I start every single job personally. I lay out the fence lines using your survey maps and plot plans to make sure you that we will never be on your neighbor’s property or your fence installed in the wrong place. This is far too important of a job to trust to an hourly guy that really doesn't have a cent of his own invested in your project. After layout, your fence holes are all dug with power augers. We'll either use one of our skid-steers, dingo diggers or little beaver drilling rigs. This is 2020 folks, real fence companies don't dig holes by hand anymore. All your holes will be dug to the correct and specified depth for the type of fence you have purchased. Probably the single biggest mistake in the fence industry today is that the fence crew digs their holes too shallow. Let’s face it, digging post holes is very hard work. Without good, working drilling equipment and a supervisor on site that is experienced and conscientious, you simply will not get a good hole. A shallow post hole will heave. Frost in the ground during the winter will push that post right out of the ground. It may not happen the first year or maybe even the second but I guarantee by the third or fourth year that fence will be falling over on you. Next comes the concrete for the posts. You’re not going to believe this one but there are fence companies operating here, large ones in fact, that just dump dry concrete into the post holes. Can you believe it? They just open up a bag of concrete mix and dump it in dry . Then they try to tell you that there's so much moisture in the ground around here that it will harden up like normal. That just is simply not true. Maybe for Joe Homeowner setting his mailbox post on a Saturday morning, that's probably ok. But for a fence that is supposed to stand up straight in the wind for the next 20 years, that is just plain wrong. Everyone knows you have to mix concrete with water, come on, it even says so on the concrete bag itself! We clean up the dirt that we brought up from the fence holes and put it in piles where you tell us to, we won't leave that mess for you to do. We treat your yard as if it were my backyard. We hold off a couple days for the concrete to harden before we come back.

For right now I'll leave the details of how the rest of the job will be completed out, depending on what type offence you bought there are over a hundred different ways we could finish the project. I will explain all of this to you when I give you your estimate.

I believe that the greatest asset to my business is you, my customer. After we finish your project and you’re 110% satisfied you’re going to tell your friends and family and co-workers about the great experience you had working with us. To me, that type of advertisement is priceless.

I very much look forward to working with you.

Sincerely Yours,
Jerry Czebiniak
President AAF

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